How to Drink Your Lean With Slomocup

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Buy Actavis Online. These days, there’s really no better place to feed your vices than on Instagram. Thankfully, back in July, the ‘gram enabled search on your desktop. This way, I can spend my time, like I did the other day, searching hashtags like #codeinecowboy, #promethazinekings, and #purplejelly.

I’d gotten interested in lean, aka sizzurp, otherwise known as purple drank, which is a way of consuming a prescription-strength cough syrup that contains codeine and promethazine. This method of getting high off cough syrup dates back to the 1960s blues scene in Houston, Texas, when musicians would mix Robitussin and beer.

Today, you may have heard of it because some high-profile rappers like Lil Wayne may or may not have had some problems with it. Three 6 Mafia isn’t afraid to boast, “I’m steady sipping on some sizzurp,” but the National Institute on Drug Abuse tells teens, “it is not cool,” mostly because it can kill you (see Wikipedia: notable deaths).

Purple drank isn’t hard to spot. But something caught my eye amidst all those ‘grams: a special double cup that you can use to — well, what you do with your Slomocup, that’s up to you.

The Slomocup was born from the mind of Cal Marshall, who is 25 and lives in San Francisco. Buy Actavis Online

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