How to Drink Your Lean With Slomocup

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How to Drink Your Lean With Slomocup

Buy Actavis Online. These days, there’s really no better place to feed your vices than on Instagram. Thankfully, back in July, the ‘gram enabled search on your desktop. This way, I can spend my time, like I did the other day, searching hashtags like #codeinecowboy, #promethazinekings, and #purplejelly.

I’d gotten interested in lean, aka sizzurp, otherwise known as purple drank, which is a way of consuming a prescription-strength cough syrup that contains codeine and promethazine. This method of getting high off cough syrup dates back to the 1960s blues scene in Houston, Texas, when musicians would mix Robitussin and beer.

Today, you may have heard of it because some high-profile rappers like Lil Wayne may or may not have had some problems with it. Three 6 Mafia isn’t afraid to boast, “I’m steady sipping on some sizzurp,” but the National Institute on Drug Abuse tells teens, “it is not cool,” mostly because it can kill you (see Wikipedia: notable deaths).

Purple drank isn’t hard to spot. But something caught my eye amidst all those ‘grams: a special double cup that you can use to — well, what you do with your Slomocup, that’s up to you.

The Slomocup was born from the mind of Cal Marshall, who is 25 and lives in San Francisco. Buy Actavis Online

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Xanax: the drug that defined the decade and changed rap

In the 2010s a crisis spread across America like wildfire, taking some of hip-hop’s brightest stars with it

Buy Benzos Online Text Thomas Hobbs 17 December 2019

Deep fakes, influencers, viral fashion – we live in a world unrecognisable from the one we stood in ten years ago. As a chaotic decade comes to a close, we’re speaking to the people who helped shape the last ten years and analysing the cultural shifts that have defined them. Explore the decade on our interactive timeline here, or head here to check out all our features.

Every decade has a drug that infiltrates music. In the 1960s and 1970s, LSD and heroin helped musicians break on through to the other side, while cocaine gave 1980s pop music its turbo charge. Fast-forward to the 2010s, and it’s opioids that now have a grip over some of music’s biggest stars. 

Their impact is particularly evident in the world of rap.

It isn’t uncommon to see rappers dribbling and falling asleep during interviews, or enthusiastically posting pictures with prescription pills on the tip of their tongue on Instagram (as Lil Peep did just hours before fatally overdosing on his tour bus). Meanwhile, Drake, still arguably the biggest rapper on the planet, nonchalantly referenced taking Xans to help him get to sleep on one of the biggest rap songs of the decade.

it’s a whole different flip,” says 25-year-old producer DJ Fu. He produces songs for Schoolboy Q, Meek Mill, and Lil Xan; It’s glorified. If LeBron wears Jordans then everyone wants to buy those sneakers, and it’s the same with rap. If Future is rapping about pissing codeine then people will want to imitate him as he’s the king.” Buy Benzos Online

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There are fewer suicides related to opioids than previously believed, research says

Buy Legal Opioids Online. CDC: US life expectancy declined from 2016 to 2017 02:34

(CNN)Since 1999, significant increases in US suicide rates have paralleled increases in drug overdoses from opioids. But a new analysis of numbers finds that the link between opioids and suicide might be much smaller than initially believed.

The percent of opioid-related suicides actually fell in recent years, dropping from 9% in 2000 to 4% in 2017, according to a research letter published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA.”It gives you a very different picture of the role of opioids in the suicide epidemic,” said Dr. Mark Olfson, lead author of the analysis and a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. The conversation around “deaths of despair” — deaths related to suicide, drug overdose, liver disease and cirrhosis — has taken on a specific narrative, Olfson said, intertwining the opioid epidemic and suicide.Heading

Deaths of despair

They were among the first to note these deaths have increased significantly in the United States since the 1990s, particularly among white males.

Increases in these “deaths of despair” have been so significant in recent years, that they are major drivers in reducing American life expectancy. Deaton and Case noted that while the supply of opioids increasedsince 1999, it’s not the “fundamental factor”behind increased mortality, but rather, the prescription of opioids for chronic pain “added fuel to the flames” of overall mortality. A report issued in September from the US Congress Joint Economic Committee titled “Long-Term Trends in Deaths of Despair” noted, “Mortality from deaths of despair far surpasses anything seen in America since the dawn of the 20th century. .. Buy Legal Opioids Online

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Justin Bieber Reveals ‘Heavy Drug’ Use in Emotional Post

Buy painkillers pills Online. The post was probably in part a follow-up to a video Bieber posted on Instagram last week of an emotional performance he gave at his Los Angeles church. “God is pulling me through a hard season,” he wrote in that post. “Having trust in Jesus at your worst times is the absolute hardest.”

Jesus loves you,” he wrote Monday.

Bieber has not performed much this year or put out much music since his fraught last tour for his fourth studio album, “Purpose” (2015). In the summer of 2017, he canceled its final 14 shows. “I got really depressed on tour,” he told Vogue earlier this year. “I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about. I was lonely.” Buy painkillers pills Online

Bieber has dealt with legal and other issues over the years. In 2014, he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and with an expired driver’s license, and resisting arrest without violence. Police said that he had admitted to having beer, marijuana and prescription drugs in his system. He was able to avoid jail time. Around that time, videos emerged of him using racist language, which Bieber apologized for.